What about Bob's #d 264/ Collection?

March 17, 2011

#266 comes by way of a member on blowouts.  Member had busted some 2010 SPx and of course my usual question, "Do any of them start with seq # 264/".  Received a PM from bigbensbff saying Yes, the one below does.  We strike a deal and BAMThanks, Krup.

2010 SPx Ndamukong Suh 264/375

March 14, 2011

Saturday, I get a PM from jeffcayce asking if I need this....of course I need this...LOL.  This is Saturday afternoon like 3 - 4 PM.  We do a PWE trade and BAM...I get in the mail on Monday.  Thanks, Jeff.

2007 SPx Jonathan Wade 264/299

March 12, 2011

3 addition mail day brings us to milestone #264.........

2003 SPx Malaefou MacKenzie 0264/1100

March 5, 2011

#259 comes with a story. I was searching photobucket blindly for "2009 SPx". I am so used to looking at scans to find my number, so I figured why not. Well I found this card, did a little searching and found the member on blowoutcards - verbal13. I was able to contact and make a trade....thanks for the addition Kip.

2009 SPx Jairus Byrd 264/399

#258 comes as a freebie. NYMETSJETS was sorting his stash and ran across this one.

Thanks a ton, TK!

2008 SPx Kellen Davis 264/499

January 22, 2011

I held a 5 box Group Break of 2008 SPx tonight and managed to pull #253, thanks to kpit1978 for allowing me to swap him a different number for this one.

Thanks, Kevin.

2008 SPx Jacob Hester 264/999

December 30, 2010

Not long ago, you recall me whining about a seller listing a 264 and canceling my bid, only to re-list again and again cancel my bid. Well, as I was hoping deep down inside it would show up and that card made it's way to me today. No longer on the MIA list.

Thanks to jaderock (Peter). Talk about being a Saint. Thank you for #248 and a milestone addition at that. This is #100 for Auto/Jerseys in the SPx 264/ PC.

2003 SPx Terrell Suggs 0264/1100

December 26, 2010

As luck would have it, we pulled a 264/ in Pejarox's 2010 SPx Case group break. As bad luck would have it, I didn't own the team. As great luck and generosity of a fellow member would offer it up to me....batman1641. The deed will not go undone.

Thanks, Michael. for #247....

2010 SPx Ryan Mathews 264/375

December 11, 2010

#242 - comes by the way of the Matt Ware Super Collector, jrlebert. Back on September 2, this card was up on ebay with a BIN. When I saw the auction, I opened it up and clicked on the picture to ensure that it was a 264/. By the time I hit the BIN, someone else had bought it. Of course I freaked, but after some investigative work, I found out who purchased it. So, I was at ease, figured it would make it my way at some point. Well it showed up today (he also added another 264 "variant").....

Thank you, JR!

2007 SPx Josh Wilson 264/699

December 4, 2010

#241 was a bit confusing, as I totally had forgotten about it. I received a PM from tyrodsports in mid-November, stating that he had received his cards from a break and while scanning, noticed the numbering. Rodney, thanks for the freebie.

2008 SPx Ben Moffitt 264/399

November 13, 2010

#238 and #239 come from fellow collectors.  Probably the funnest way to acquire 264/s.

#238 is from a trade with jtdolla911 on Sports Card Forum (SCF).  Jason broke a box of 2008 SPx and I received, messages from multiple collectors pointing me in the direction of the break thread.  Thanks for the trade Jason.

2008 SPx Craig Steltz 264/399

#239 is also from a trade with Beckett (BMB) member Ricky Williams 34 (RW34).  During a recent viewing of her Ronnie Brown PC, she noticed this card.  WHY she waited so long, I will never know.....  Wendy has been very generous to many folks and has also provided me with a couple of other 264 "variants".  Wendy thank you for taking the time and helping my PC.

 2005 SPx Ronnie Brown 246/250

October 30, 2010

#237 comes at a price.  Seller originally had it listed with a $99 BIN on ebay.  Settled at $40...geeeesh.  After research, it was originally listed by another seller with a $17 BIN.  Capitalism at it's best.  But, what happened to helping fellow collectors.  Anyways, I paid the price, here it is.

2006 SPx Chad Greenway 0264/1299

September 4, 2010

This new addition comes from Gadsden86.  During recent trade negotiations for some SPx needs, Justin indicated he had a freebie for me.  I assumed it was a "variant".

We completed negotiations on a trade and I received my end today as well as....#232 to the SPx 264/ PC.  Thanks, Justin!

"I was at nationals and a guy i found on the 2nd day i went (sunday the last day). A guy had like 6+ boxes of inserts and RC's so i dug threw looking for some phins and checking all #'edcards for your 264.  I came upon like 10 SPX rc's and found 1 with the 264/999 i was like nice Bob will love this. Spent like 20 bucks at that table and i held that card like gold." - Justin

2008 SPx Quentin Groves 264/999

April 12, 2010

This new addition comes from webbgem's recent group break.  Had several boxes of SPx and I got in with the last spot.  When we busted the first box, first hit was a biggie....thanks, Joel for the pull.  (btw...this was the second time, I have been in a group break where a 264 was pulled.)

Tyrodsports, had the Bears, so immediate communications began.  Rodney offered to send for free, but he also hit another SPx auto I needed for my set building.  We completed negotiations on a trade and I received it today....#218

2007 SPx Chris Leak 264/499

March 30, 2010

I was in a group box break from the Blowout NCAA Promo, we broke 3 boxes of 08 SPx and still have Michigan State in the tourney, so free case of cards so far.  Hope the can win it all for some Exquisite...:D

Anyways, we actually pulled a 264/xxx.  The owner of the team in the break (Browns) lives in my old home town of Chillicothe, Ohio.....thanks to bears85petty for addition #214.....(man 22 days is a long wait for an addition)

2008 SPx Paul Hubbard 264/999

January 7, 2010

First ever 264 Pack Pull

Bought a box of 1998 SPx Finite Series 1 and pulled my first ever 264/xxx (#206 of the PC)

1998 SPx Finite Amani Toomer Youth Movement Spectrum 264/750

December 11, 2009

Milestone:  #200!!!!!

2009 SPx Patrick Chung 264/299

October 24, 2009

Found these three in the same lot....

SPx sortation this year, has multiple same #d cards appearing in the same box, lucky for me

2009 SPx Fili Moala 264/399

2009 SPx Quinn Johnson 264/799

2009 SPx Tony Fiammetta 264/799

August 18, 2009

wlalocal - TCC:  This makes SPx 264 #3, sent to me freebie style (#173 to the PC).  Waiting for Harry to give me an update or story on how he came across it, to add here.

Harry, Thank You! 

As some have said, 264 world domination is in play.....

2007 SPx Michael Okwo 264/699

May 12, 2009

Found this one in a lot on ebay.  The auction was for a complete set of 1999 SPx football.  I emailed the seller and asked the infamous "Do any of these start with sequence # 264/xxx or 0264/xxxx"?  He replied yes, the Akili Smith.  But, he wasn't going to break up the set.  I had already purchased another Akili off the bay in hopes of swapping out.  The auction ended and after a month of emails requesting an update or asking to forward my information to the buyer, the seller acknowledged that the buyer couldn't/didn't pay.  So I made him an offer and he accepted (pictured below).

While at the Nationals this year (2009), I was talking to one of the dealers and explaining my collecting focus.  He looked at me and said:

....."I sold you the 1999 SPx Akili Smith...."

Yes, in fact he did.  This dealer was from the 264s are getting around....

1999 SPx Akili Smith 264/500

February 13, 2009

vslyke (TCC) - Will sent me this freebie under the umbrella of disguise.  It was supposed to a be a variant (variant - any non-SPx item #d 264).

....."Well, I was sick the other day, and I found a ton of SPX RC BINs for a dollar. They had the scans of the card, so I just looked at all of them, and happened to find this #264. I figured I'd go ahead and pay Bob back for his genorisity, this was the 3rd package I'd gotten from him." - Will

In addition to being only the second SPx 264 sent to me as a freebie from a TCC member, it also was #264 item in my total 264 PC.  Thanks a ton Will.

2008 SPx Mario Urrutia 264/499

December 8, 2008

This is #155 for the 264 PC....found it in a set of 2005 SPx off ebay. Initially when listing was listed, I emailed the seller and asked if any 264s. He said yes. After the sale, I spent several weeks trying to get seller to pass on my information to the buyer (ebay changes wouldn't let me send him a note). Long story short he offered me the card, all I had to do is send a SASE and a replacement for his. Came today.....thank Randy.

2005 SPx Kerry Rhodes 0264/1199

April 14, 2008

It has become apparent that my collection was published in the Super Collector's Section in the May 2008 edition of Beckett.

March 6, 2008

While lazingly doing searches on eBay, I ran across this one with only 30 minutes left in the auction.   Whew......

2001 SPx Todd Heap Blue 264/900

February 18, 2008

Lew47 (TCC) - Lew contacted me via PM  "Would you keep a 98 SPX Plummer 264/999?  It does not have a zero of course."

I asked him what he needed for it, his response "I'll just send it to you. It's worth more to you than me.."  The very first SPx 264 sent to me from a member.

1998 SPx Jake Plummer Youth Movement Spectrum 264/750

January 15, 2008

Got this one from the same seller as the Andre he had it listed as 253/299. After checking a bunch of his listings, he can't type correctly or read....laugh.gif

2007 SPx Adam Carriker 264/299

January 8, 2008

Now for the greatest FREEBIE ever, to date anyways...yea it is only an $8 dollar card, but it comes with a story.

Mid-November I spotted a lot of 2000 SPx that included a 264. Couple days go by and seller ends listing, I was PO'd. So I email the seller to find out what gives, no response. I let some time go by and send several other emails with zero response. Dec 28th, send another email, and on the 30th I get a response with they buyers email. I email the buyer, explain my weird focus and he asked me to email after the holiday and he would look for it. January 3rd, I get an email response saying that he found it and for me to send him my address. I did and received it today. A wonderful freebie....first every football SPx 264 freebie....shoutout to Dino Hazell (ebay: guywithstuff ). Oh...and it is a Packer (ex).

2000 SPx Anthony Lucas 0264/1350

December 10, 2007

First a little thanks to the1mcjensen, sent me a freebie "Variant" 264. It is basketball, but I appreciate the thought of knowing...thanks, Brian.

2006-07 SPxcitement Grant Hill 0264/2999

November 26, 2007

This one came from overseas....Kadena Air Base in the bay....(un-graded of course)

2007 SPx Calvin Johnson 264/299 

November 25, 2007

Found this one in a lot as well. Been two weeks since any adds to this PC.

2005 SPx Chase Lyman 0264/1199

November 9, 2007

I found this card in a lot of 30 autos on eBay.  After contacting the seller, I confirmed it was a SPx 264.  After going through some old PMs on SCF, I tried to make a trade with cardsrus for this card in July, 2005.  Well 2 1/2 years later, I acquire it. 

2001 SPx James Jackson Blue 264/550

November 3, 2007


September 29, 2007

Bought a lot from Hong Kong via ebay....

2003 SPx Musa Smith Auto/Jsy RC 0264/1100 

September 15, 2007

Today's mail addition has bee about 2 1/2 months in the making. Seller with low feedback of 25, had this card in a lot he was selling. Well, winning bidder with zero feedback won. After a couple of weeks I saw no posting of feedback for either, so I emailed the seller to see if he still had the lot. Assumed he shilled his own auction and won. 2 more weeks went by with no response, so I emailed him again. A couple of weeks after that, I get a response saying he still had it and what did I want to offer. So, I make an offer and a few more weeks, I ask again if he got my offer. Finally, I get a response of yes and an address to send money order to. Well today it showed up, not the greatest autograph or player, but an addition to my PC.

2006 SPx Terrence Whitehead Auto RC 0264/1299

September 11, 2007

And after thousands of searches and looking at listings on ebay by their photos, I ran across my second Bush #d 264/xxx.....that the sequence number wasn't listed.....

2007 SPx Michael Bush Auto/Jsy RC 264/599